What am I doing?

So evidently blogs have been around for quite a while, and I have been told by people overtime that they think it would be good for me to start one. This specifically was a suggestion when I decided to move to England for a year when I was done school. While I never took the leap then, my excuses were, as most excuses are, kind of lame. I felt I didn’t have the time, no one would care, etc. So why the heck would I start this now?

Truthfully, I don’t know.

Quarter-life crisis??

I really have no better reason than ever before. If anything, my life is pretty boring (I think) and I feel I have less of a reason than ever before. But I also have had a few huge blows this year, including losing my father who I was very close to. Maybe that is why this is the best time. I currently seem to need…something in my life. Something to keep me motivated. I find myself staying as social as before, but not feeling as fulfilled from my time as before. So I think at the end of the day I am doing this for me. Which is good, because this is probably going to be messy and sporadic, just like me. So cool.

So what is the point of this blog? I find myself a pretty big social media lover, especially for fashion bloggers, and people who review stuff, ranging from junk food to subscription boxes. I also LOVE trying new things, from beauty products to fashion styles to food (oh yeaaaahh food). So I thought, even it’s just for myself, I would review the stuff I try in a blog. I personally search almost every product I try online, and enjoy reading reviews of stuff before I try it. So why not also share my reviews online as well?

I can pretty much guarantee every other post on here from now on will be about reviewing stuff and less about me rambling. But maybe not. Guess we will see!